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            Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Wood Operation and Processing (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)
            Author:Administrators    Published on:2022-06-01 15:10:21    written words:【big】【 centre】【small
            Summary:In order to adapt to the new situation of canceling timber business and processing license projects, strengthen the supervision of timber business and processing, and guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry, in accordance with the provisions of the Forest Law of the People's Republic of China and its implementation regulations, the Forest Resources Protection Regulations of Guangdong Province, the Management Measures for Timber Business and Processing Transportation of Guangdong Province, the Forest Resources Protection Regulations of Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County of Guangdong Province, and in combination with the actual situation of our county, The opinions on strengthening the management of timber operation and processing in our county are as follows:

               In order to adapt to the new situation of canceling timber business and processing license projects, strengthen the supervision of timber business and processing, and guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry, in accordance with the provisions of the Forest Law of the People's Republic of China and its implementation regulations, the Forest Resources Protection Regulations of Guangdong Province, the Management Measures for Timber Business and Processing Transportation of Guangdong Province, the Forest Resources Protection Regulations of Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County of Guangdong Province, and in combination with the actual situation of our county, The opinions on strengthening the management of timber operation and processing in our county are as follows:

            1、 Transforming regulatory methods and strengthening the management of timber processing enterprises
            After the cancellation of the timber operation and processing license project, the wood processing enterprises in our county expanded rapidly, and the timber consumption was large. At present, the wood processing industry in the county has illegal acquisition, processing, sales and other phenomena, and the situation is serious. The people's government of each town and the market supervision and administration bureau, the forestry bureau, the tax bureau, the emergency management bureau, the transportation bureau, the natural resources bureau, the Qingyuan Ecological Environment Bureau Lianshan Branch, the public security bureau The power supply bureau and other relevant departments must attach great importance to it, take practical measures according to their respective responsibilities, and effectively change the management and supervision mode of wood processing. (1) It is a shift from license management to daily management. Increase investment, improve supervision means and measures, actively use informatization means to promote online monitoring of wood processing enterprises, and grasp the business situation of wood processing enterprises in real time. (2) It is a shift from individual management to collaborative management. All relevant departments should strictly follow their respective responsibilities, take effective measures based on laws and regulations, strengthen the constraints on timber processing enterprises, strengthen the management of timber processing in accordance with the law, establish and improve a long-term mechanism for timber processing management, and promote the healthy and orderly development of timber processing in our county.

            (1) The job responsibilities of the County Forestry Bureau are to strengthen the supervision and management of the source of forest ecological resource development and utilization. One is to strictly implement the system of forest tree cutting quotas. Adhere to the principles of sorting, benefiting the people, rationality, mutual coordination, and filing. The second is to strengthen the management of forest logging permits. Strictly implement the system of forest cutting application, review and approval, publicity, certificate issuance, and notification of cutting area management, and do a good job of basic guarantee for the legal source of wood of wood processing plants (workshops). The third is to strengthen the inspection and supervision of the procurement of wood and the sales and transportation of its products, and investigate and punish illegal transportation behaviors in accordance with the law. Fourth, strengthen the inspection and supervision of the purchase and sales accounts of wood processing plants (workshops), and urge wood processing plants (workshops) to establish and improve the standardized archives of wood sources and product sales. Fifth, crack down on illegal logging, deforestation and illegal transportation of timber and its products in accordance with the law, and increase efforts to cut off illegal acquisition, processing and sales channels of wood processing plants (workshops). Sixth, supervise and manage the work safety of wood processing plant. Seventh, personnel of the forestry supervisory department who abuse their power, neglect their duties, or engage in favoritism and fraud in the supervision and management activities of timber management, processing, and transportation shall be punished by their appointment and dismissal authorities or supervisory authorities in accordance with the law; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be pursued in accordance with the law.

            (2) The job responsibilities of the County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau are to strictly implement the principles of restrictions, permits, and prohibitions on timber operation and processing. One is to accept registration applications within the jurisdiction that meet relevant legal conditions and issue corresponding Business Licenses. The second is to strengthen the supervision of all special equipment used by wood processing enterprises to ensure the safe production of enterprises. Third, spot check and supervision shall be carried out on wood processing enterprises, and the market supervision and administration bureau shall ban and punish the acts of operating, processing and selling wood and its products without the Business License, or other acts in violation of market management regulations; For the problems discovered during the inspection, the inspection subject shall be ordered to rectify within a specified period of time. If any illegal or irregular behavior is suspected of committing a crime, the case shall be transferred to the judicial authority in accordance with regulations and cooperate with the judicial authority to carry out investigation and handling.

            (3) Responsibilities of the County Natural Resources Bureau: standardize the land use of wood processing enterprises, and investigate and deal with the illegal land use of wood processing enterprises according to law.

            (4) Responsibilities of Lianshan Branch of Qingyuan Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau: earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of environmental assessment access, prohibition and supervision of wood processing enterprises.

            (5) Duties of the county tax bureau: strengthen the publicity and supervision of wood processing factories paying taxes according to law. According to national tax laws and regulations, investigate and punish illegal and criminal activities of tax evasion in accordance with the law.

            (6) The job responsibilities of the County Emergency Management Bureau are to guide all departments in the county to respond to safety production emergencies, and to be responsible for comprehensive supervision and management of safety production; Organize and guide the integration and coordination of emergency response plans; Organize, guide and coordinate emergency rescue and accident investigation work for safety production emergencies.

            (7) The job responsibilities of the county fire rescue brigade are to conduct fire supervision and inspection in accordance with the law, and to impose corresponding administrative penalties on illegal fire behaviors.

            (8) Responsibilitie of the county transportation bureau: according to the law and regulations, clean up and rectify the disorderly construction of roads and the disorderly placement of wood and its products by wood processing enterprises that endanger the normal traffic order, and investigate and deal with the transportation vehicles that illegally transport wood and its products.

            (9) The job responsibilities of the Economic Development Promotion Bureau are to coordinate with the power supply department to lawfully and lawfully stop any breach of contract that endangers the safety of electricity supply and consumption and disrupts the normal order of electricity supply and consumption, and to recover the corresponding breach of contract electricity fees according to the breach of contract responsibility. Urge users to implement rectification measures for safety hazards discovered during safety electricity inspections, and report to the county power regulatory department for record keeping in a timely manner in accordance with relevant procedures in case of failure to complete the rectification or refusal to rectify safety hazards on time. On the premise that the procedures for assisting in power outages are legal and the targets are appropriate, as requested by departments such as the Natural Resources Bureau, Qingyuan Ecological Environment Bureau Lianshan Branch, Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Tax Bureau, Forestry Bureau, etc., the Power Supply Bureau should actively cooperate and assist in power outages.

            (10) Responsibilities of the County Public Security Bureau: impose public security penalties on wood processing enterprises and related parties who are subject to law enforcement, inspection and supervision by the relevant departments of violent confrontation, and investigate criminal responsibility according to law if a crime is constituted. The traffic police brigade shall fulfill relevant responsibilities in accordance with the law and regulations, and vigorously assist the forestry and transportation departments in investigating and punishing illegal transportation of wood and its products.

            (11) Responsibilities of the people's government of each town: in accordance with the principle of territorial management and relevant laws and regulations, each town should strengthen the supervision of wood processing enterprises, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out rectification work.

            (12) Responsibilities of the Health Bureau: carry out occupational health monitoring for the wood processing factory, supervise the enterprise to timely report and record the occupational disease hazard projects, conduct occupational health examination for the personnel exposed to hazardous factors on the job every year, and train the main person in charge of occupational health management personnel in occupational health.

            (13) Responsibilities of the Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau: Review of fire protection design for construction projects, fire acceptance, filing, and spot checks.

            2、 Ecological priority, resource conservation, and strengthening the layout and planning of wood management and processing development

            The competent forestry department, the market supervision and administration department and the town government should, according to the status of forest resources in the county, the annual forest cutting quota and the timber supply capacity, reasonably arrange and determine the scale and number of timber processing, strictly control the number of wood processing plants, and fundamentally solve the problems of excessive timber processing, repeated construction, waste of resources and environmental pollution.

            The location of timber processing plants shall not be planned and arranged in ecological public welfare forest areas, various protected areas of tourist scenic spots, village residential areas, county planning areas, residential areas, basic farmland protection areas, designated areas along national and provincial roads, or areas that are not easy to manage.

            3、 Implementing regulatory measures to promote enterprises to operate and process wood in accordance with the law

            All relevant departments should actively fulfill their regulatory responsibilities and strengthen the law enforcement supervision and management of timber processing enterprises. (1) It is to implement a one factory one certificate (license) system, and it is strictly prohibited to have multiple factories with one certificate (license). For unlicensed operations or other violations of market supervision and management regulations, the market supervision and management department shall ban and punish them in accordance with the law, until the business license is revoked; (2) It is to increase inspection efforts, integrate forestry administrative law enforcement forces such as forest administration and forest public security, strengthen supervision and inspection of timber circulation and logging in forest areas, investigate and punish enterprises with illegal timber inflows, and punish them in accordance with the law; (3) It is necessary to increase the inspection density, regularly check and verify the purchase and sales ledger, and ensure that timber processing enterprises are inspected every two months, and the timber transportation licenses that have been used are promptly verified, making the inspection routine and institutionalized; (4) It is to standardize the registration of purchase and sales accounts for timber trading and processing enterprises. Timber trading and processing units and individuals shall establish purchase and sales accounts and shall not forge or alter the purchase and sales accounts. The retention period of the purchase and sales ledger is 3 years. In addition, wood processing enterprises shall be subject to the management system of fixed factory and fixed person, and special personnel shall be assigned for supervision.

            4、 Standardize the review and approval of timber operation and processing in accordance with the law

            Units and individuals engaged in timber trading and processing should apply to the County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. If they meet the conditions and regulations after review, they will be issued a business license. Go to the tax department for tax registration, and complete relevant procedures such as environmental protection and fire protection before formal production and operation. Without permission, no unit or individual shall engage in timber trading and processing. The people's governments of each town, as well as the market supervision and administration bureaus, forestry bureaus, tax bureaus, emergency management bureaus, natural resources bureaus, Qingyuan Ecological Environment Bureau Lianshan Branch, power supply bureaus, and other departments, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, lawfully regulate the review and approval of wood business processing. Wood operators and processors must operate and pay taxes and fees in accordance with the law, and the tax department shall collect taxes in accordance with relevant regulations.

            5、 Establish and improve a long-term regulatory mechanism for timber management and processing

            The people's governments of all towns, market supervision and administration departments, forestry and other relevant functional departments should strengthen the supervision and inspection of wood processing according to law, develop a working mechanism for the linkage of relevant departments, clarify responsibilities, work together, jointly grasp and manage, establish and improve the supervision and management system, and strive to promote the wood processing industry to a standardized and healthy development track.

            Wood business processing includes: firstly, establishing timber yards, timber factories, or timber gathering points, without further processing or production of timber, and only engaging in timber business activities such as timber acquisition, transportation, and sales; The second is to set up wood processing sites, such as wood processing plants, fragrant powder plants, processing plants (workshops) with supplied materials, etc., or on this premise, including the aforementioned timber business activities, specifically engaged in timber purchase, sales, operation, processing, production, transportation and other timber business, processing and transportation activities.

            9、 This opinion shall come into effect from MM/DD/2019 and be valid until MM/DD/2024. On January 1, 2014, the County People's Government issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Wood Operation and Processing" with Shanfu Office Letter (2013) No. 65, which was simultaneously abolished.

            We should fully leverage the role of social organizations in regulating industries and managing service matters. Strengthen the awareness of operating processing enterprises in accordance with the law, guide fair competition, promote self-discipline, and maintain normal business order; Guide processing enterprises and social resources to actively invest in afforestation, cultivate forest resources, and protect forest resources.

            Guide and encourage the deep processing of wood and the development of famous and special new products, and guide the continuous development of wood processing towards scale and modernization. For existing wood processing enterprises, we should optimize the industrial structure through policy support, vigorously develop scientific and technological innovation and precision and deep processing enterprises, actively guide enterprises to enhance their independent innovation ability, and promote the efficient, energy-saving and healthy development of the forestry industry.

            6、 Strengthen publicity and guidance to enhance the awareness of enterprises operating in accordance with the law

            The forestry regulatory authorities should strengthen the supervision and management of timber operation and processing units and individuals, guide the construction of raw material forest bases, establish a purchase and sales ledger system, carry out law enforcement inspections in accordance with the law, promote relevant policies, laws and regulations, raise awareness of the use of timber by the whole people in accordance with the law, and enhance the consciousness of enterprises to comply with the law. Guide enterprises to establish industry associations, fully leverage the service role of social organizations in regulating industry management, promote enterprise self-discipline, and maintain normal business order.

            7、 The forestry regulatory department should establish and improve a joint supervision and management mechanism in conjunction with the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau

            Regularly and irregularly carry out joint law enforcement inspections, strengthen supervision of timber processing enterprises, crack down on illegal logging, excessive logging, and illegal acquisition of illegal logging and excessive logging of trees in accordance with the law, and hold those who constitute crimes criminally responsible in accordance with the law. For unlicensed operations or other violations of industrial and commercial management regulations, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau shall ban and punish them in accordance with the law, until the business license is revoked.

            8、 Explanation
            According to the "Management Measures for the Operation, Processing, and Transportation of Timber in Guangdong Province", wood includes logs, sawn timber, bamboo, veneer, wood chips, branch wood, fuelwood (including firewood carbon), tree bags, transplanted trees with a diameter of more than 5 centimeters at breast height, and semi-finished wood (bamboo) products


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