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            Exciting replay of the main achievements of the international forum on "Jointly Building a Global Green Supply Chain - Initiatives from the Forestry Industry"
            Author:Administrators    Published on:2022-06-01 15:09:20    written words:【big】【 centre】【small
            Summary:This international forum, for the first time, starts from the perspective of the positive contribution of the timber industry, with representatives from politics, industry, academia, and research conducting a dialogue on the same platform. It is a high-level event of the timber industry worldwide, highly valued by domestic and foreign government departments, timber enterprises, international organizations, and research institutions. Gerhard Dieterle, Chief Engineer of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Executive Director of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), Lee White, Minister of Forestry of Gabon, Eva Mueller, Director of Forestry Department of the German Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and other leaders and distinguished guests attended and delivered speeches. More than 370 wood industry enterprises, associations, and research institutions from Europe, America, Japan, Asia, Africa, and Latin America attended the meeting.

            The International Forum on "Jointly Building a Global Green Supply Chain - Initiatives from the Forestry Industry" was successfully held in Shanghai from October 22 to 23.

            This international forum, for the first time, starts from the perspective of the positive contribution of the timber industry, with representatives from politics, industry, academia, and research conducting a dialogue on the same platform. It is a high-level event of the timber industry worldwide, highly valued by domestic and foreign government departments, timber enterprises, international organizations, and research institutions. Gerhard Dieterle, Chief Engineer of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Executive Director of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), Lee White, Minister of Forestry of Gabon, Eva Mueller, Director of Forestry Department of the German Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and other leaders and distinguished guests attended and delivered speeches. More than 370 wood industry enterprises, associations, and research institutions from Europe, America, Japan, Asia, Africa, and Latin America attended the meeting.

            This international forum, for the first time, starts from the perspective of the positive contribution of the timber industry, with representatives from politics, industry, academia, and research conducting a dialogue on the same platform. It is a high-level event of the timber industry worldwide, highly valued by domestic and foreign government departments, timber enterprises, international organizations, and research institutions. Gerhard Dieterle, Chief Engineer of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Executive Director of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), Lee White, Minister of Forestry of Gabon, Eva Mueller, Director of Forestry Department of the German Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and other leaders and distinguished guests attended and delivered speeches. More than 370 wood industry enterprises, associations, and research institutions from Europe, America, Japan, Asia, Africa, and Latin America attended the meeting. The meeting revolved around topics such as "leveraging the positive role of the timber industry in delaying climate change, the supply-demand relationship of the global timber supply chain, the legitimacy and sustainability of timber, the challenges and responses faced by the global green supply chain, the economic sustainability of the timber industry in the Congo Basin, and building a global green supply chain partnership for forest products". This includes discussions on the legality and certification of timber at the policy level, as well as activities such as business docking between Chinese and foreign timber enterprises.

            The participants engaged in active, enthusiastic, in-depth, and pragmatic discussions on the above-mentioned topics, and achieved good results. This meeting provides an important platform for leading Chinese wood industry enterprises to participate in international dialogue. The Chairman of Shengxiang Group, representing the global wood industry, spoke out as a responsible enterprise, calling on the international community to jointly maintain and disseminate the positive image of the forestry industry, and promote the reshaping of the overall image of the forestry industry. This forum has rich content and diverse forms, including special speeches and expert debates, as well as arranging business contacts and on-site visits. It has received widespread praise from domestic and foreign representatives attending the forum.

            Main Achievements of the Conference


            All parties present unanimously agree to build a global green supply chain collaboration network for forest products

            The participants unanimously agreed to work towards building a global green supply chain collaboration network for forest products. All parties hope to build a global green supply chain collaboration network for forest products, expand the experience of the existing GGSC China platform, establish a B2B information exchange and business docking mechanism for global timber enterprises, and promote the healthy growth of the global forest industry. This is a positive response to the global green supply chain initiative for forest products launched by China's leading forest product enterprises in 2018. This marks the active participation of international organizations represented by ITTO in the construction and promotion of global green supply chains for forest products. At the meeting, 36 representatives of wood companies and associations from different countries spontaneously took the stage to express their active support for the initiative.


            UFIGA and UFIAG joining

            Joint Statement of GGSC Initiative

            The Gabonese Timber Association (UFIGA) and the Gabonese Asian Timber Association (UFIAG) have signed a joint statement announcing their participation in the GGSC initiative and pledging to complete third-party certification of the legality of timber traceability within the next three years with the support of international donors and relevant international institutions. The Gabonese Minister of Forestry, ITTO Executive Director, and others witnessed the signing of the aforementioned agreement. This move means that after the signing of the government cooperation agreement between China and the Gabonese government on September 4th, relevant enterprises have taken positive actions to respond.


            GGSC Global Expert Database Launch

            During the meeting, the construction of the GGSC Global Entrepreneur Expert Database was officially launched and the first batch of entrepreneur experts were hired. 10 entrepreneur experts from both domestic and international sources are invited to contribute ideas and suggestions to the GGSC Global Forest Products Entrepreneur Collaboration Network; Gerhard Dieterle, Executive Director of ITTO, Lee White, Minister of Forestry of Gabon, and Du Yongsheng, Chairman of the China Green Carbon Sink Foundation, among others, issued employment letters to the first batch of entrepreneurial experts.

            Meeting impact and effectiveness

            During the conference, 16 media outlets including China Green Times, Xinhua, People's Daily, Phoenix, Sina Leju, and NetEase Home attended the press conference. Multiple GGSC advocates also widely disseminated the conference content through their own channels. Up to now, dozens of domestic media have reported on the meeting, and official websites such as the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau, and Hunan Provincial Forestry Bureau have published it. Shanghai Securities News, China Securities Network, and Tonghuashun Finance reported on the meeting using the title "Local enterprises and organizations responding to the 'Global Green Supply Chain of Forest Products' initiative". The CCTV reported on the initiative initiated by the GGSC member unit - Shengxiang Group at this meeting, using the title of "Life in Wood, Getting Close to the Earth, Upgrading the Green Industry Chain Strategy, and Leading the New Trend of Low Carbon and Environmental Protection in the Industry by Shengxiang".


            Forum Background

            Forests are important terrestrial ecosystems that provide the environmental, social, cultural, and economic services and functions that human society relies on. The restoration and sustainable management of forest resources will contribute to the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially those related to responsible consumption and production, climate change response actions, and terrestrial life.

            Forests can contribute to addressing many unprecedented global challenges facing humanity today, including mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration. Sustainable forest management, especially in tropical regions, will help slow down biodiversity loss, prevent soil erosion and degradation, and meet the growing demand for wood products due to rapid global population growth.

            Wood products are one of the main sources of income for sustainable forest management, and wood has always been an indispensable material in history. It can be used in many fields such as housing, construction, shipbuilding, and furniture. The latest thematic report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also points out that sustainable management of forests and wood products is a key element in achieving decarbonization and a bio circular economy by sequestering carbon dioxide in the air and storing it in terrestrial carbon sinks and forest products, as well as by replacing non renewable materials and energy. This is crucial for the forestry sector gathered here today, as only within the framework of a legitimate and sustainable supply chain from forests to markets can climate change solutions based on nature (involving trees and forests) be fully realized.

            To fully utilize the benefits brought by legitimate and sustainable supply chains, it will require the firm commitment and practical action of numerous participants in the supply chain and value chain. The forum participants identified the following key elements for achieving a legitimate and sustainable supply chain: sufficient technical expertise, research, capacity building, and understanding how to proceed; Financial and other macroeconomic incentives for well performing enterprises; Access financing opportunities at affordable interest rates; The availability of information data (used for decision-making); A stable legal framework; Transparency and good governance.

            To this end, the International Forum on "Jointly Building a Global Green Supply Chain - Initiatives from the Forestry Industry", held in Shanghai from October 22 to 23, 2019, emphasized the necessity of creating a voluntary network platform composed of forest operators, producers, traders, processors, and consumers. Through information and professional knowledge sharing, strengthening collaboration, and promoting close cooperation among all partners in the global forest product supply chain. This network is the Global Green Supply Chain Network (GGSC Network), which will be open to all interested supply chain operators and relevant stakeholders


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